My Voice, My Story: Markquise Grant

“I really just wanted to stay out of the streets.”

Markquise Grant came to Greater Miami Service Corps for a better life and a career. “I really just wanted to stay out of the streets,” Grant explains. Grant first heard about GMSC through a friend who previously attended the program. He thought it would be an easy job since he was already cutting grass during his spare time. Little did he know that this was more than just a job and that his life would change forever. “I always thought that I was a hard worker but Mr. Miller really pushed me to be better. He is a great teacher and mentor. There were times I wanted to give up but Mr. Miller was there to give me advice. This is the same advice I would give to current Corpsmembers or anyone interested in being in the corps, never give up on your goals because hard work really pays off. ” Truer words couldn’t be spoken; Grant’s hard work and dedication awarded him an internship with the Department Solid Waste. 

Currently, Grant works for the City of Miami as a Landscaper. “It’s funny how I started cutting grass under the table, I came to the Corps and perfected my skills and now I cut grass professionally and I’m getting benefits. I’m really proud of where I was to where I am today.”